Benefits of a PGDM Degree

Benefits of PGDM Degree

Benefits of PGDM

Management has been a favourite among many students as it guarantees for bright future and a well-paying job. Even if coping with management studies can be tough, however, on the other hand, it is very fruitful. With the boom of internet and technology, the demand for online education are been introduced by various universities. Now PGDM is one of the lucrative career options and you can find a stage to test your capacities and prepare yourself as an expert through various opportunities. As such students can pursue this course through top PGDM colleges and change their lives and make to reach greater height.
PGDM is a two-year course and require training candidates to bring them to make bright business professionals in the areas of entrepreneurship, retailing, investment, and market structure and business economics. Some of the key benefits a candidate can obtain by opting for PGDM courses are outlined below:
Interpersonal growth
This course allows a student to enhance their interpersonal and communication skills. If your academic doesn’t focus more on communication from the time of your school life, you still can develop many effective and decision making skills including analytic skills by pursuing the PGDM course.
Industry Integrated Syllabus
Unlike MBA, PGDM syllabus closely relates to industry trends and practices. Since this course is offered by autonomous colleges which are not affiliated with any University, hence you will always see syllabus and curriculum updating frequently. This will let the student to learn the ongoing and new concepts of entrepreneurship as per the changing business trends.
Have creative freedom
Many management graduates need a startup and PGDM course makes this possible. After successfully completing this course (esteemed degree), the student can be well aware of the nuances of the corporate culture and find exposure to kick-start their own business. As a whole, this will allow them to make a profit for themselves and have creative freedom through this management degree as their first step.
Placement Opportunities
An AICTE approved PGDM course will pave path for outrageous career path. Since employers always prefer student having out-of-box ideas, a management degree will enable a one to be a well performer and perceive the outcomes for placement opportunities and challenges. To avail a well-paid job, this course prepares them to develop and exercise their potentials and march ahead with a go-getter attitude.
Corporate ready
In order to face the forthcoming roadblocks and challenges in the business world, correspondence PGDM program can prepare and lead to lot exposure in the real world. Here the professors are mostly entrepreneurs and leaders and so their involvement in teaching with different tactical methods and standard-orientation gauge student towards present business scenario. Also, the student finds explanatory clear theoretical concept to reality once they start to face the corporate world.
Flexible Curriculum
Since an autonomous college doesn’t follow any University standards, it is free to update the curriculum as per the change in business environment and industry standards. Unlike MBA it takes faster time to change the curriculum and gives student an more idealistic learning and industry exposure.For further information, it’ll be ideal to talk to an expert who has been mentoring various MBA/PGDM aspirants and can serve best to give up more beneficial accounts as why to pursue PGDM for a career build-up prospect.

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Top 10 recruiters of Techno

top 10 Techno recruiters

top 10 recruiters of Techno

For getting an ultimate education shine, aspirants need to cut the boat rope and soar straight over the sea. Techno sphere offers such a new column of opportunity which imbibes strong attributes of knowledge on the minds of students. As such they get to hold numerous standing lines to hold into moving towards their expectations.
When it comes to recruitment sections and all the top recruiters of Techno, the institute have got the rich golden hand on it. Some of the fast approaching recruiters under high-tech competitive framework are mentioned below.
1- Airtel- The campus connected through Airtel is very vibrant and candidates from all across find it a much nurtured way to enable fast-track growth. Being the world’s third large operator, it pushes boundaries to evolve from skilled professionals and hire people from every realm. There are openings of more than 1000 for freshers belonging to engineering, management and other domain.
2- Axis Bank- This recruiter can be your platform to enrich your career. For an exciting career of learning, value-driven, and development as a fresher, you can find the right match for your skills, aspirations and experience. Partnering with Techno, Axis bank make eligible for many aspirants see the possible satisfaction level. With over 500 or more seats available, students find reliable compensation package as its greatest assets.
3- Honda- Honda hires talented people in the areas of R&D, engineering, manufacturing, sales & marketing, finance, administrative, etc. Techno college students can find unmatched opportunities to develop skills needed for tomorrow’s world.
4- HCL- HCL is the “Talent Foundry” and that not only pioneered Indian IT but nurtured literally over thousands of entrepreneurs. Students from challenging platforms like PGDM, MJMC, B Com, BEd, BBA and more other courses embrace new skills, and develop their repository of talents in multiple arenas.
5- Nature Fresh- Being a growing company and full of opportunities, makes aspirant work with newest state-of-the-art technology and be innovative and head of the curve. Every year the recruiter opens new and amazing opportunities so that candidates can contribute their ideas, work together and be educated.
6- Times of India- Times group network is so vast and so stages a set of multiple openings to tackle with the growth and demand of newspaper circulation. Starting from reporters, editor, sub-editor, and many other multiple vacancies are available with a variety of skills and backgrounds to expand the horizons.
7- Future Group- Future Group plans to hire hundreds of techies and talented business workers to engage people who are passionate and want to make a difference. As one of the top retail transformation the recruiter encourages employees explore opportunities in corporate and stores.
8- Oxford University- The recruiter serves to employ a diversity of people to support world-renowned facilities and reputation for research and teaching. The recruitment system covers 1000 opening every year in the field of academic, research, professional management, support and technical.
9- Aon Hewitt- Aon Hewitt creates a perfect place to grow and help-seeking a development framework and comprehensive learning to meet demand at all stages of student’s career. Student can work closely to develop solutions of their most complex challenges around Talent, Health, and Retirement & Risk.
10- Standard Chartered- Recruiters welcome students from wide backgrounds to join and further their career in the world’s most dynamic markets. SC helps Techno students discover everything to accelerate their career, collaborate across borders and experience wide arrays of cultures.
Recently one of our students got placed at HDFC. Click here to hear about her journey.

Techno recruiters have marched to enclave developed outcomes in shaping student’s career. It is this new era of context which paves a distinct pathway to harness greater and rigid domain for large-scale employability.


Top 10 benefits of a BBA from Techno

BBA from techno Institution

Top 10 benefits of a BBA from Techno

Prior to pursuing a course, it is very essential to know the background details of course curriculum and its scope of study. BBA is one among the most distinguishing programme which a candidate can walk throughout the management endeavour. Now Techno (Techno Institutes of Management Sciences) Group of Institutions paves one sure path towards competitive learning with the correct mark in the business world. As the student becomes more adhered to the programme and its rich blend of interdisciplinary and management subjects, he/she get nurtured in light of the interest for securing placement or pursuing a career in any specific area.
Techno provides wide arrays of benefit to students who seek to pursue Bachelor of Business Administration with outstanding developmental and facilitated options. Some quick links definition to those worthy aids is outlined here:
1. Best Education- Techno has its name founded with the pursuit of an excellent educational system and learning facilities. This under mark is given by top regular and visiting faculty who hold years of experience in their requisite domain.
2. Industrial Markup- Many professionals have guarded their anchor in making the institution more guarantying and modified. Industry professionals powered Guest Lectures, Seminars and Workshops which does the backend work to drive student’s creativity and innovative proficiency.
3. Skilled Programmes- Institutions knows the exact performance action of skill development phenomenon and for that reason, it has centered many personality development programs, skill development and many more extracurricular activities to well equip a student with all around development.
4. Campus Environment Precept- The Institute is well facilitated with clean and lush green environment which makes it possible for a student to get a clear distinction to discipline. Along with structured rules and regulations, the standard curriculum is quite professional so that student may adopt and be purged out whole new from grass to tree.
5. Accommodation & other Amenities- There is a separate hostel for both girls and boys along with an individual bed, cupboard, with A/C and air cooled options. Students will find a secure and safe environment in their residing under strict in and out time.
6. Transportation made easy- Either for day-scholars or hostelites, transportation facilities are given by Techno for every main route and regions of the location map. The student can find safe journey under many buses numbered as per their Ids.
7. Sports Facility & Gym- As one of the keen interest of a student, the Techno understand the sports necessity. There are basketball ground, volleyball ground, cricket ground, gymnasium and football ground for student’s daily entertainment hours.
8. Fooding- Taking into consideration the student’s taste, the institution has its own canteen and cafeteria which makes clean and hygienic foods, coffee, drinks, snacks and other food items.
9. Central Library- Student learning is made more enhanced and active through a large central library which consists of 10,000 of books, journals, magazines, online database, reports, and many more.
10. Conference Hall- Every seminar, presentation, PPT, meetings, group discussions are done in the conference hall. There is a large auditorium which can contain around 500 students and make the session more outstanding and by the use of technology tools like a projector, LED screens, cables, etc.

Top 10 Jobs for Mass Communication Majors (MJMC) from Techno Institute of Management Sciences

Mass Communication at techno

Do you wish to pursue a career in Mass Communication? Do you have the knack for cinema, videography, journalism, politics and media in general? A degree in Mass Communication would open the gates for a wide variety of career prospects. Mass communication is the realm of media sciences which includes the transmission of a message, opinion, or attitude (i.e. communication) to a mass audience. It does not only centre around mere reporting as seen in the olden days, but has stretched its path into the world of the television, radio, news channels, advertising agencies and even the internet. The information addressed to the public is done on a large scale, at very low costs that make this medium the quickest and easiest way to communicate on a national as well as international level. It is a powerful tool which has the capacity to change the way people feel or act towards a certain situation or trend. Advertising proves as the finest example to attract potential customers towards a certain product or brand. In addition to that, mass communication degrees have paved the way for prosperous fields. The scope of a mass communications degree is boundless and the industry is full of energetic and skillful individuals who act as an inspiration for aspiring job seekers.
A degree in mass communication ensures jobs in private companies, as well as high paying government jobs, in India and abroad. The media has a very strong influence over the youth of today, persuading them into taking up more and more jobs in this field. A career in mass communication would be ideal for graduates having a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in their hands, hoping to take up any job role that involves communication. Following is a list of the top 10 jobs for a mass communications graduate that would be challenging, as well as serve as a highly suitable career path in the long run :-

  1. Filmmaking: Filmmaking is a highly regarded career path, in India and abroad. It is an expansive and creative realm that calls for teamwork and cohesiveness. It includes feature films, documentaries, promotional films, TV commercials, music videos, etc. An ideal filmmaker should have a creative bent of mind and also display technical superiority to carry on with a successful production. The job demands a lot of work including forming ideas, story, script, cast, music, direction, sets, location, to name a few. It requires many years for an aspiring filmmaker to perfect his or her profession while studying all aspects of this very popular art form. It also demands the need for an individual to be able to weave a story, which can be started off by shooting short films or documentaries in the beginning and going on to a large scale domain in the years to come.
  2. Cinematography: Cinematographers or Directors of Photography (DOPs) are the individuals handling the camera. They keep the director’s vision in mind, as they go onto envision fabulous scenes with the right cuts and special effects that would suit the movie. The cinematographer has to ensure that he or she captures the correct shot in accordance with the director’s demands. They also have a crew alongside to help them with their tasks and tick off the shots from the director’s list, as they go on about their film or documentary. They help out with storing the prepared footage for editing, transporting the camera and lighting equipment to where they needed to be, and also supervising the work of other camera operators. A cinematographer is also required to showcase brilliant computing skills that would work its way during the task of editing scenes. After completing the course, the aspiring candidate can go to any small or big production house and work as a cinematographer. A strong portfolio of experience is also recommended for better opportunities.
  3. Screenwriting: A screenwriter or a script writer is given the responsibility of creating dialogues, characters and establishing the storyline for a film. He or she is the most important person without whom the film cannot take shape. There are various genres that a screenwriter can delve into including comic writing, drama, science fiction and others. Students seeking to pursue mass communication jobs can take this path. Screenwriters are known to have a voice that draws largely from observing the people, places and things around them. This career path is more about creativity and skill, than pay and is largely crucial for any project. 
  4. Journalism: Journalism is a broad dimension for aspiring students and provides immense opportunities in terms of making a brilliant career path in the long run. It is satisfying in the sense of payment and work experience and engages the students in various projects that prove beneficial in enhancing the skills, interests and insights of a student. It involves investigating, analysing and reporting local as well as world events, trends, current affairs, and so on. Small publishing houses as well as news agencies hire graduates with a knack to indulge with the media. One has to be confident in spirit and have abundant knowledge about the world around. Good communication skills, a strong command over language, enthusiasm, patience and perseverance, the ability to differentiate between fact and fiction, adhering to deadlines, team cohesiveness, sensitivity to different views and lifestyles, in-depth knowledge about various fields such as politics, culture, religion, social and current affairs are all needed in the ideal candidate to avail the benefits from a successful career in this field.
  5. Public Relations: Public relations is a very engaging career that helps in creating not only a positive image for the company but gives an aspiring job seeker the chance to work in close quarters with the CEO of the company. It is a broad realm that stems into Public Relations Officials (PROs), Publicists, PR Specialists etc. It involves a lot of generating publicity, in addition to maintaining good contacts with important officials through any and every organisation. Product communication also goes hand in hand demanding the PR to work closely with the client’s marketing department to help launch new products or reposition existing ones. The payroll is good enough for a graduate and goes higher as the candidate gets better positions through the years.
  6. Copywriting: Copywriting is an interesting career choice and requires the candidate to come up with ideas and tag line that would be suitable for promoting a brand. The content created by them is catchy and informative. It also includes copying for billboards, print ads, blogs, catalogues and others. The basic salary for a graduate is a considerable amount if placed in a reputed industry. Further ahead in the career, the job responsibilities of the candidate become varied, including writing sales proposals.
  7. Corporate Communications: Corporate communications involve coordinating the communications output within a company. A corporate communications specialist creates and delivers emails, direct mail, brochures, newsletters, and other publications. The specialist is entrusted with a number of responsibilities and works directly under the head of the company. The pay is good and getting placed in a top company or organisation for the same post can result in early promotions and better job opportunities in a short span of time. The career path is engaging and involves brainstorming and sharing ideas with the rest of the co workers, and the collective decision is used to boost the company’s profits henceforth.
  8. Advertising: A degree in mass communication opens the gates to enter the advertising industry. This industry involves blending creativity with business to derive profitable outputs that would help in facilitating the working of a company. A broad stream in itself, advertising has various sub categories under it which can be pursued right after graduation.
  9. Web Journalism: Web journalism is a rising career for mass communications graduates. The field demands a new kind of writing and editing skills, and is immensely suited for those graduates who love to spend time on the net. It is a broad category and requires one or the other professional for various tasks. It also involves the right marketing strategies to put into use as the profits are derived right from the benefits made on the basis of clicks or viewership.
  10. Editing: Editing is a widely popular career options for candidates seeking mass communication jobs. It involves photography and video editing, publications etc. The field requires a good grasp over the language, as well as alertness and a creative knack. Editors ensure that the scenes in a video meet with the requirements of the director, by keeping a track of any glitches and extra scenes. This field has a lot of partakers and every industry requires editors to work with them as the manage the core of the project.

Mass communication jobs are in abundance, not only in India but also in abroad. Government agencies like Doordarshan, Zee TV, Aaj Tak and other reputed news channels take in fresh graduates with a good score. A prior experience in the field of work also adds as an advantage to many. Newspaper agencies and publication houses, too, grant a candidate prosperous roles which would amplify the career scope in the long run


Audio Visual Room at Techno Institute of Management

M.A in Journalism & Mass Communication from Techno Institute of Management & Sciences

MAJMC offers a specialization in Mass Communication to the students coming from various disciplines. This course provides conceptual tools to the students for understanding critically how society is mediated by the media world. It gives comprehensive training in both technical skills and critical analysis of the media spectrum. The course stimulates the students to become feature film directors, documentary film makers, television producers, PROs, advertising creative heads and much more in future.

Duration: 2 years

Eligibility: Graduate under at least 10+2+3 pattern with a minimum of 45% marks in aggregate.

Why Choose Techno’s MAJMC ?

  • Experienced Regular & Visiting faculty for Best Education
  • Workshops, Seminars and Guest Lectures by Industry Professionals
  • Extra –curricular activities and personality development programs
  • Scholarship available for deserving candidates
  • Best overall results of Lucknow University
  • Professional & disciplined campus environment
  • Confirmed admission in PG for top rankers of UG
  • WiFi,Air Conditioned campus & cafeteria
  • Separate In house hostel facilities for boys & girls with A/C and air cooled options.
  • Transportation facility for students
  • Indoor & outdoor sports facility with gym & yoga
  • 24 hours CCTV intelligent surveillance
  • Most comprehensive library with E-books, journals, magazines and online database.

Which of your Skills will be worked upon during the course?

  • Communication Skills.
  • Business Writing.
  • Presentation Skills.
  • Business Etiquettes.
  • Interview & Group Discussion Skills.
  • Leadership Skills.
  • Entrepreneur Skills.
  • Ethics, Morals and Professionalism.
  • Spiritual Self Development.

To learn more about Techno’s MAJMC log on to