Top 10 Advice for a 1st Year Student

Many students wish to receive advice from wise professionals and experts regarding their first year prolong time. There are multiple of things that follows useful pieces of advice for first year students. Tips from experienced student expert advice can be of great help as they know and have done that. You can speak to those students and get a clear glimpse of what your year can be around the forth coming days. When you’re on your way to start looking at universities, it is sure to see your rank and to note the subject specific ranking, which can be specifically helpful. Since first year can be intimidating with new classes and people, you can have many things to share and learn during the time on campus. Also there’s too much more to consider which is expressed here under:

  1. Think about employability

This is one of the most sought after factor and it is good to look at the success rate what students actually do after graduation. Even if the university has o offer you so much in terms of placement or career prospects, you can count it important in completive industry which can help you stand out to employers.

  1. Make sure it’s the right match for you

When you seek for your university make sure the course and university is the right fit to your kind. It’s not only about the highest ranked however also you shouldn’t focus too much on the ranking. Therefore it’s wise to know what you’re going to study and your career prospect after completion of your study. You should thus emphasise more on the course detail and what you’re going to study rather than just rankings.

  1. Find a balance between social life and studies

If you think you’ve spent too must time of studying you can think of joining a society or club to learn something new and extra. As such you need to have a good tie management and find things that are enjoyable that can bring s right balance between socializing and studying.

  1. Embrace opportunities to try new things

Many pass out student have this regret that they couldn’t try new things or n=got any opportunities to embrace the change. It is bets if you emphasis on learning a language or learn about cultures, since it’s not at all bad to know people from different background which is really a very important thing. Another thing to wander is trying to make friends with people from different spheres and university lifestyles. You can also look to join various societies specifically sport club and meet lot of people to stay healthy.

  1. Develop as an independent learner

You might want to learn many extra things however when it comes to focus on studies you might not thing grades are important in first year. So in order to take control of your study, develop an independent learning style that can count good and beneficial at university level. You can also try and read around subjects that can build fully to develop your understanding.


  1. Ask for help when you need it

When you fill in the mid of your first year standout that you didn’t liked your course; you can talk to your friends about it and consistently have conversation about what you liked about and what not and how far you have gone with it. If in case you find your course difficult you can call in your lecture otherwise close friends and know for sure what is fit for you. You can then try it and find a way out. In least cases you can transfer yourself to another university where you can expect your transfer credits.


  1. Expand your horizon

There are always possible ways to expand your horizon and move in different directions. You can take a year out and find university which offer placement in different country and take it as your best decision is life living with really a good experience.


  1. Enjoy your degree

Just enjoy your degree as much as you can as it goes very quickly. It is good if you take possible advantage from your degree and every opportunity as a blessing that comes to you. You can even find much space to build your career service and have best time being nice to people. You will find maximum time to explore options and what you want to go and you’re good at. It is your possible time to groom and look forward to your strength that lies as strong hold to keep your mind open.


  1. Talk to your professors and tutors

Find a reason to meet your professors and tutors during office hours and clarify lecture notes or ask about an essay, etc. It is best if you get your face in their mind this gives a greater chance of remembering and learning your name. This shows you are serious dedicated and willing about their subject. This can make a huge difference to your attitude as you progress in your degrees and meeting professors that are really lovely.


  1. Manage time wisely

This is an advice for you to study hard, balance everything, prioritize your time as its a bog transition from high school to university. So don’t skip and classes and study. It is also good to ask your friends in case of any doubts or questions and don’t hesitate to make new friends.


This advice come from student counsellor and is for someone attending their first year at a university. So learn from experts and get insider knowledge and embrace with the best request service which can work well for potential students.

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