The Best College for B.Ed in Lucknow University!

The Bachelor of Education program at Techno University is one of the most successful undergraduates and Techno has made a reputation in churning out top notch graduates year after year for Lucknow University.

What is the primary objective of B. Ed Course?

  • To enable the prospective teachers to understand the nature purpose and Philosophy of school Education.
  • To develop competencies, values and skills required for becoming a reflective and humane teacher.
  • To sensitize them towards the promotion of social cohesion National integration and International understanding.
  • To enable them to address gender issues and protection of human rights.
  • To prepare them for dynamic leadership.
  • To empower to teachers to cultivate scientific temper among students.
  • To enable them to utilize community resources as educational inputs.
  • To develop communication skills, train them to use modern information and communication technology for school purposes.
  • To train them in conducting action research in educational situation and to improve the pedagogical practices in their subjects.

How Will graduating as a B. Ed student help you? 

A B Ed. degree will help you become a successful professional in teaching field. The job opportunities for these professionals are numerous. They can find employment in various government and government aided institutions. For this recruitment the government organizes SET. After qualifying this examination one can join as teacher in any government school in the State. The B.Ed graduates can teach in high primary and high school level.

The M.Ed graduates can find employment in schools anywhere in the country after qualifying the NET. They can teach in higher secondary level and even work as lecturers in various universities or colleges.

Education is a pleasing profession and requires an absolute understanding of it. You may be well communicative and adjusting but you still require a professional knowledge of the education. In professional course on education you learn to use various tools of teaching and art of making a difference in the lifestyle of students. You also learn the purpose of schooling and teaching, ability to analyze a child’s behavior, to create an emotional balance between you and a student,  modern teaching with internet rich environment, methods to conduct a communication between parents, students and self.

Bachelors program in education also emphasizes on blending humanity and maturity factors, building leadership quality and skills of innovating ideas and teaching concepts, modern technique application and culture diversity. Alongside, a bachelors degree or a certificate also adds professionalism to your portfolio.

In today’s world, education as a profession upholds great opportunities. With the growing power of knowledge and number of teaching institutes, you can expect enormous career options. You can work in a college, university, kindergarten, elementary of junior or high school, publishing sector, human resource sector, corporate training, education research department, education training faculty, library, counseling department, administration and state board department and more. Teaching or education is field of vast career growth.

A bachelors degree in education provides you with professional requirements for a primary or elementary school and kindergarten teaching. Skills like creating and applying ideas, dealing with students and their problems with relaxed mind and patience, interactive attitude and ability to give attention to minor details are also gained in a degree program of education.

Why Should you choose Techno Institute of Management Sciences?

Over the years Techno has made a name for itself in offering top quality B Ed. degree due to its great faculty and infrastructure. Techno’s teaching philosophy includes practical training, field visits and more. Below are just some points why Techno is the best for B Ed. in entire Uttar Pradesh.

  • Experienced Regular & Visiting faculty for Best Education
  • Workshops, Seminars and Guest Lectures by Industry Professionals
  • Extra –curricular activities and personality development programs
  • Scholarship available for deserving candidates
  • Best overall results of Lucknow University
  • Professional & disciplined campus environment
  • Confirmed admission in PG for top rankers of UG
  • WiFi,Air Conditioned campus & cafeteria
  • Separate In house hostel facilities for boys & girls with A/C and air cooled options.
  • Transportation facility for students
  • Indoor & outdoor sports facility with gym & yoga
  • 24 hours CCTV intelligent surveillance
  • Most comprehensive library with E-books, journals, magazines and online database.


What are the key Skills we work on with our students?

To be successful in any field these skills are a must. At Techno no matter which course you choose we help you develop these personality skills. Have a look at the video below of one of our students talking about her experience at Techno.

  • Communication Skills
  • Business Writing
  • Presentation Skills
  • Business Etiquettes
  • Interview & Group Discussion Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Entrepreneur Skills
  • Ethics, Morals and Professionalism
  • Spiritual Self Development

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