UP Investor Summit

UP Investor Summit organized by the state government is being considered as an alchemy for the whole state and especially for the youth as it has been able to attract investments which will lead to more setting up of Industries and a fillip to the business ecosystem in the state.
The students of Techno Institute of Managements (TIMS) are also basking in the glory as they have been a part of such a mega event and had an enriching experience. The students of TIMS were chosen to volunteer for the two-day event held on 21st and 22nd February, 2018.

The students unanimously have stated that this experience will be etched in their memory throughout and the lessons that they have learnt will equip them in their future endeavour. The volunteers were chosen after passing through a rigorous competition. This mega event was attended by the Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi , President of India , members of the Union Cabinet Ministers and the who’s who of the corporate world. Mukesh Ambani, Subhash Chandra, KM Birla are the few names. And not to forget the host of the event – CM of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath.


TIMS students also got global exposure as the events was graced by international dignitaries from countries such as Netherlands, Czech Republic, Japan, Thailand and many more. The two-day event was attended by more than 5,000 delegates from around the world and over 100 speakers addressed the gatherings.
The students pursuing Management degree grabbed this opportunity as such enriching exposure will play a very instrumental role during their corporate stint and add practicality to their theoretical learning. Such experiences are also complementary to the course of Management Sciences and this was also one of the reasons behind the frenzy related to getting an opportunity to volunteer for the summit.
Volunteering for such events gives an insight as well as it also evaluates the students’ skills, traits, merits and demerits. Based on such introspection or evaluation, the student will be able to improvise and put efforts in overcoming their deficiencies. It will also learn concept like “People Management” and how to conduct oneself in such gatherings.


Not only this, topics and discussions are conduit for innovative ideas and germinates entrepreneurial skills in students.
The students said that their participation in UP Investors’ Summit helped them in curtailing their hesitation regarding communication as they encountered that people were smoothly holding meaningful conversations. The interaction between the students and the dignitaries and attendees cull their communication phobia.
The participation of the students in the event will add weightage to their resume and will give an edge over others. Such events increase the knowledge base of the student and help them in understanding the current scenario prevailing and also understand the actions which are being mooted or will be implemented.

It was the moment of a lifetime for the students as they heard inspirational leaders and personalities expressing and sharing their views. It was a momentous experience to hear and witness the speech delivered by PM Narendra Modi and other stalwarts. Such inspirational speeches and exchange of valued ideas and opinions enhanced the intellect of the students as well as apprised them of the socio-economic condition of India. PM Narendra Modi’s vision of New India and of inclusive development will resonate for eternity. These inspirational speeches have shed light on the latest developments in the Industry, their future course of action and what do they need. This information will be beneficial for the students as they are our future and will become leaders of tomorrow.
This summit also helped the students get information regarding the booming sectors or industries which were labeled as the focus industries such as ITEs, MSMEs, Dairy, Tourism, Civil Aviation and others.
This event also gave the students hands on opportunity with the buzz word Artificial Intelligence as a tri-lingual Humanoid Robot, specially built for the two-day summit, was one of the prime attractions of the event. The robot, who is fluent in Hindi, English and Sanskrit, was used to welcome the guests at the event including the Prime Minister, with a Rose and chanting ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ in Sanskrit. The Robot is also proficient in speaking in Hindi and English also. Android services were employed to keep an eye on the security of all dignitaries attending the summit.


The students by volunteering for the event also gained an understanding regarding the amount of hard work that goes behind organizing such a massive event. They also learnt the nuances of teamwork, time-management and crisis management and not to forget the leadership skills. They also learnt that the social situation as well as human capital is so imperative for the success of business. They also got an opportunity to encounter the presence of the dignitaries. The manner and the content of interaction between the dignitaries were thought-provoking as it made them realize the gravity of the words spoken by the speakers.
Alongwith the 30 sessions scheduled for the two-day event, formal dinners and other get-together meets were organized and the students along with other volunteers were on the toes for the smooth functioning.
UP Investor Summit made the students aware that co-operation and co-ordination between business honchos and the political representative is the sine-qua-non and also these are the two wheels on which the progress of New India depends. Not only this, this Summit also displayed that public policies and business policies are mostly in tandem with each other.
Post- summit the volunteer students are physically exhausted but ideas, experiences and excitement are booming in their head. They have become famous in TIMS campus and want to hear from them their experiences.

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