Fast Track Your Career with a PGDM from Techno Institute of Management Sciences

In this present generation, it is hard to find any person who spends his/her entire life in an particular company or in particular industry. If they look for anything that would fast track their career that is to gain network, competency, or skill to launch their career, they need to look for new direction to start their business. Now, PGDM degree is one among the popular management course which starts with intellectual creativity, knowledge about current technology, communication, cross cultural awareness, critical thinking, leadership and other skills to develop and strengthen your career upfront.

PGDM course is widely been accepted and recognized by many top institutions in India and as per research affirmation, more and more graduates find it as a means to launch their pad in career prospect. Aspirants also seek for career opportunities in PGDM as a way to expand and open their minds to various new possibilities and achieve as much gain in corporate industries. Now, admissions in PGDM are all around the corner and students can find to apply to this program by investing in terms of money, energy and time. This makes them a solid case to show to management and companies that the course is essential and a necessity leadership and managerial skill to be successful in public, private and business operations firms.

In order to fast track your career in PGDM you can find many different set of connotation in the field of academics and home to explore several career opportunities and progress to reach top positions in management. Student can polish their overall personality traits that range from their ability to communicate and taking timely decision problem solving skills. Few of the options that are seen to fast track and lie as opportunities in the doors led by this programme is outlined here under: some of these promising roles in specific sector is given as:

Private Sector Jobs
These days management students are required by many private companies for their various operational units. After completing your PGDM course from renowned institution, student can look for top private firms and placement units and apply there for roles in various department including research, IT, human resource, finance, marketing, etc. Now this opportunity paves them for position like client relationship managers, HR executive, finance executive, marketing assistant, business manager, management trainee, etc. You can find high level of jobs and expect a decent starting pay package that can even go upto 25k in top private companies.

Research organization
Students who have completed their PGDM in in any research organization or institution can avail management postgraduates or be hired as a business analyst/ analytical expert if they are good at mathematics.
Progression within your company

For experience professionals who have pursued executive PGDM, their display of managerial skill at job will guarantee their progression to higher position within the company. Even in outside sphere they can find good exposure and better opportunities to lead and seek for betterment.
If you have pursued your PGDM from a good and reputed college/institution, you can be well equipped with communication skills, problem solving, leadership, and managerial skills. Since these are the quite considerable things to be a successful entrepreneur, you can find great options to fast track your career.
Teaching Jobs
This field motivates the applicants to stay in touch with the academics and as such they can find various management institutes or coaching institutes to teach students. Here their role will mostly include preparing the students for management entrance exams with well paying job satisfaction.
Business Consulting

Business consulting or advisory is a field which is quite appealing for those who try to explore career after PGDM. It opens up the way for financial advisor in financial institutions or banking or even in tech firms. Now, every management specialization can equip you to be a consultant where students can choose right direction as per their interest, aptitude and core subjects. Even business consulting provides them both freelancing and full time options.
Public and manufacturing sector jobs
The position of business managers and executives in various specialization are found in public sector jobs. You will have to keep track of these opening on timely basis and apply them as limited seats are found from time to time. Students can also opt for operational management industries or firms which provide a strong exposure and base required to grow confidently in your profession. Even there expose students to learn about application of management concept in real-time.

The batch of 2018, PGDM Students of Techno Institute of Management Sciences have secured jobs in multiple companies. With an average salary of Rs. 4.5 lacs going up as high as Rs. 7.5 lacs.

Here’s a list of few of our students placed:

Abis Abbas as a Sales Manager at Policy Bazar

Ayushi Saxsena as a HR Manager at Antal International

Aniket Jha as a Business Development Office at Kotak Mahindra

Lalit Jaiswal as a Virtual Relationship Manager at HDFC Bank 

Mayur Gupta as a Business Development Exectuive at Kotak Mahindra

For the complete list of placements log on to

Ruchi Singh, speaks about her PGDM Journey from Techno.

2018-2020 Admissions are now open. Log on to to apply now and really kickstart your career!

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