Why ever College student Should invest in making their own personal Website.

Every individual wants to build their personal brand of their product. Since this term branding has long been relegated to companies, not many of us have cultivated these brands and have gone nonetheless. If you have a personal brand and choose to cultivate and guide it, you can start to make your personal brand and give its an awesome presence. Ar Techno we believe that students should give personal branding a serious thought to not only improve their chances of securing jobs but to be in a position to negotiate with the company for an higher pay and more importantly a better portfolio.

Here’s a link to some personal website Hubspot recommends, these can be a source of great inspiration. Even if you don’t have the time to create something this intricate a simple wordpress template website too will serve you good.

However when it comes to making your own website, you ought to keep few things in mind.

Determine your message:
You need to figure out the core message of your site and not going through researching domain names. The foremost thing is to know who you are? And who are you trying to attract? Or what do you want your website to say to world? These questions will help you think what your site should be all about. Through these you can also have an impression and make yourself to stand out to employers.
Think fo your superpower that differentiates yourself from other candidates. This is one of the most important steps to build your site and can lay a foundation that you do for the rest of your time. It will also determine the information you need to include and feature it out from centre and front influencing your position and looking over the design standards.
Since you need to put a compelling site in order to come up with to make your personal branding website take it as a big process and struggle to consider spending couple extra days on it. You can also check the personal branding workbook that will guide you through every step.

Make structural changes
Before building the thorough sketch of your website you need to make a plan first. This will help you to fit together the way you thought they might and also make a way through to make the blueprint. One of the easier way to do this is grab some paper and pens, and start writing down everything you want to include in your website. This can either be a short bio, or a comprehensive long one, with a photos or many other things. Provide links to all your works or a comprehensive portfolio along with social media handles and contact information. You can get a true formula and include things to add more later.
After you’ve identified all the pieces of the puzzle, you can figure out to fit it together. You can do this by drawing out sample games and writing with separate pages on one portfolio pages, also a home page underneath a large photo that could represent what you do, or a separate “about” page. You can trying going for different structures until all feel like in right space conveying the message that you’d decided earlier.
Increase your perspective
It’s the first duty of a developer to push a new website by thorough testing it and thereafter taking similar approaches to remould it. If you’re really in trenches with your site and notice some glaring errors, going through this process would really help you shine out. For this, you need to have some outside perspective and one way is by sending links to your site to your friends or mentors and ask to spend at least 10 minutes clicking around and ask them to give their feedback. You can also send them few questions for guidance and get a line of comments which is necessary to get yourself react and confirmed. Some of the questions you can put forth is like:
What is your impression of me from the site?
Does everything on my website make sense?
Is it easy to navigate?
Does it look enjoyable or professional?
Is there anything you’d like t change?
After you’ve sent off these lines, you can ask them permission and take a break off. Stepping a back will help you to get clear head and move further to the fine step.
Putting on the finishing touches
Now, you can open your website fresh and try to imagine your targeted audience, either it is a collaborator, conference organizer or hiring manager. Look at your site with an extra critical perspective and ask yourself same questions that you’ve asked your mentors/friends. If your site reflects all those lines, take honest answer from yourself about things that work and that doesn’t work. This is your chance to make perfect your website prior to sending to the outside world. You can take down all notes of your friends and add their feedbacks. You can then incorporate these feedbacks which might include changing of colour scheme, or adjusting words, removing or rearranging an entire pages, etc. Then make the final proof and make sure everything’s happy. You now have a personal website to be proud of.

Since the work doesn’t stop here, you need to make sure your site goes to the world by putting it in social profiles, twiter, Facebook, Linkedin, and share it with your job search materials. You also need to keep it updated with new info and add regular blogging and contents to it.

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